There’s so much beauty in the world…


I feel compelled to express this beauty, and to help bring it out in any form possible, be it a web site, an illustration or an image, and in so doing make it contagious. I strongly believe I have the ability to act as a conduit for all you genius creators out there, at least all those who give me a chance. After all, the world would be a much more delightful place if you could only realize some of your magnificent visions, let alone all of them. Furthermore, I feel a strong responsibility towards the community.

I feel in this day and age with unlimited number of web sites, with the technology matured, and the beautiful designs everywhere, anybody can have a site. But would that be a good site? Would that site represent you, your energy, your touch in the way you deserve? I have come to realize that any site, including professional looking sites, can benefit from unique elements of whimsy. Having lead a very colourful life, I have come to become quite familiar with such sense of wonder, such playfulness, such joy of creativity if you will. I also feel when I am aligned with my clients, its as if I am in their head, reading their mind and doing things they like without ever knowing about it beforehand.

How do I justify my claim to have the capability to fulfill your creative ideas? Call it a touch of magic and a bit of intuition. After all I do have about 15 years of experience under my belt, but more importantly I have an awe and therefore an eye for beauty. I believe if you can dream it I can help build it. Whatever your budget and goals, however the size of your projects, I am serious to turn your amazing ideas into equally amazing designs, web sites, identity, and collateral among other things. I specialize in creating online as well as offline experiences, where the audience can not help but be moved by your creation, be it through an interactive web site, a compelling poster, or a persuasive flyer.

I strive to reach, and ultimately surpass customer satisfaction. I do this by meticulous attention to detail, without forgetting the big picture; and using latest technologies such as wordpress, without diluting your main message. In other words I believe, the technology and design used for your idea, be it the font, color palette, interactive elements, should closely match your goal, your message, your audience, and your insights. I feel nothing can beat your personal touch, and thus find the cookie-cutter approach rather uninspiring.  Having said that, I believe that even the most conservative ideas could benefit from some degree of uniqueness. I feel especially professional slick sites could use a touch of whimsy, a touch of playful magic which could bring an element of light and levity.

I am a firm believers of honesty, integrity and fairness. Therefore the compensation I seek for my  work is fair, reasonable and affordable.  I believe every idea deserves to be expressed, and expressed well. The scale of such expression, however, is determined by your available resources.

Last but not least, I would like to warmly thank all of you genius creators for your visit. I hope that you get to explore various parts of my site.  Please check out the Portfolio section for all my work, and the Artwork for the artwork I have created.  I had a ton of fun making this site, and I hope you can feel some of the “joy of creativity” that inspired me. I hope you will choose me to be the creative conduit of your fabulous ideas and contact me.